The B&B Al Siculo was born in 2013 by young people who loved their city, with the desire to be able to show to everyone all the beauties that Sicily has such as: its historical abundance, landscape wonders, culinary wealth and the folklore that makes it so unique! They started this path with a lot of excitement and dedication and specially paying close attention to the feedback of the guests who slowly became new members of their family. They found out that they loved this work and therefore decided to improve it more and more. After a break of nearly a year dedicated to improve their activity, in 2016, after listening to all the advice and new ideas that those guests, who have stayed with them, brought, the structure reopened in a new location completely restored located in a very charming area of the city. We look forward to welcome you as our guests again and see what you think about all the changes we have made. While for the new guests, we hope to give you the best experience and to welcome you as well! The location has changed but our goals are always the same, guarantee you a relaxing and comfortable holiday and help you to enjoy our city to the max making you feel like if you were home!